“A little powder a little paint…”

Grammy, my paternal grandmother, was a strong, tell-it-like-it-is woman. She had some great lines we still love to quote. Phrases like, tell him to “shit or get off the pot” and “men are just boys in long pants” were part of her regular discourse. Always manicured, coiffed and dressed for dinner, one of her personal favorites was “a little powder, a little paint makes a girl what she ain’t”. That was her way of telling us to shape up and put on some makeup once in a while.

There was a lot of wisdom in many of my grandmother’s one-liners, but while some things never change, some things just don’t stay the same. Women of my generation generally don’t bring slippers to their husbands at the end of a long day or have a standing appointment with their hairdresser every Friday. I personally consider dressing for dinner to mean getting into my pajamas, and I don’t want my makeup to make me look like someone I am not.

Devorah Cosmetics- me just a bit better.

Dr. Sharon Goldstein Silton

Israel Medical Association Board Certified Ophthalmologist, wife and mother of four