Doctor’s Orders

In preparation for the launch of our new, no smudge mascara, here are a few guidelines from your local eye doctor to make sure your eyes look great and stay healthy.

Keep it clean. Dangerous bacteria or fungi can grow in some cosmetic products, as well as their containers.

To help prevent infections:

- Always wash your hands before applying eye makeup

- Keep your mascara wand clean- don’t lay it on the counter top or let the kids play with it (it’s dangerous in their hands anyway).

- Don’t moisten cosmetic products by adding water or saliva. If your cosmetics have dried out, it’s time to replace them.

- Replace your mascara 2-4 months after purchase.

- Don’t apply or remove eye makeup in a moving vehicle. Sounds obvious, but we’ve all done it. A sudden stop or bump in the road could lead to serious eye injury.

- Remove your eye makeup daily with a non-oily makeup remover. For those of us who are too tired and lazy at the end of the day to want to bother, makeup remover wipes are a great option.

- Be careful with false eyelashes or extensions. They can cause allergy, irritation and injury.

- If your eye makeup causes irritation STOP using the product immediately and see your eye doctor if the irritation persists.

- Do not use eye cosmetics if you have an eye infection. Discard any eye cosmetics you were using when you got the infection. Do not use eye makeup if the area around your eyes is red or irritated.

- Don’t store cosmetics at temperatures above 85° F/29C. Don’t keep your cosmetics in your car on a hot day.

Look great and stay healthy! Doctor’s orders.

Dr. Sharon Goldstein Silton

Israel Medical Association Board Certified Ophthalmologist

Wife and mother of four