Out of the comfort zone

Why am I writing this atypical, occasional blog? The answer is simple: I feel passionate about the quality of a product, and I want to spread the word. I feel passionately about other products, but I don’t blog about them, so why Devorah Cosmetics? This product is different than the others; it’s personal. It adorns my face and helps me feel beautiful and confident. It literally enables me to put my best face forward- not an artificial face, but my face with the features I like enhanced and no worries about hiding perceived flaws. I am a serious person, a mother and a physician, so when I hear myself say that this product contributed to my personal and professional success, it’s hard to believe I’m talking about makeup, but I am.

Three and a half years ago I decided to complete my requirements for Israeli ophthalmology board certification. For a mother of four young kids, and having a working knowledge of Hebrew, but being far from fluent, this was a fairly crazy endeavor. As part of this process, I had to return to work in the hospital as a resident for one year. For the past 8 years I had worked in an outpatient setting and had not set foot in a hospital in the role of a doctor. In a hospital one encounters diseases and emergencies rarely, if ever, seen in the outpatient clinic. I was way out of my comfort zone medically and culturally, and I was scared.

A few months before I started this terrifying adventure, Devorah launched Devorah Cosmetics. I had never been very interested in makeup. I didn’t have the time or the patience, and I didn’t think appearance was critical to my success. Her system was so easy, so flawless that I had begun to wear makeup daily just because it made me feel good.

I still remember my first day in the hospital vividly. Late, and out of breath, I walked into a small conference room where all the doctors in the department were sitting around long table for the morning journal club. As I entered all heads turned to look at me- the new face from America. I felt like an imposter- I wasn’t confident in my medical knowledge or that I would be able to write in the patients’ charts in Hebrew. Being so far out of my comfort zone was extremely challenging, but I was able to present myself as a serious, professional woman, and my appearance fit the role. The positive reception I received from the staff gave me the confidence to go out there and treat patients, to approach those with more knowledge than myself, to learn and grow.It is a vicious cycle- a person who appears polished and confident is also one who appears likeable and inspires trust. That trust boosts confidence and enables the person to perform better.

In medicine appearance is definitely not the key ingredient to a successful career. Obviously knowledge and skill are much more important, but walking into a room and looking professional does make an impact. Alone it does not make for success, but it certainly paves the way. When you feel good, you become empowered, and that can only help you succeed.

Dr. Sharon Goldstein Silton

Israel Medical Association Board Certified Ophthalmologist

Wife and mother of four